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Traditional advertising methods are no longer appropriate for this era, especially with the great advantages of social media advertising, which is the identification and targeting of potential customers. At Tai, we are keen to provide a distinguished service based on the foundations of study and analysis for customers and competitors, which gives us the power to create content that knows the customer's way, style and method Reach it by targeting.


Social media management

We are working to provide integrated management for social access pages for the ability to manage the brand in a strong way, as we provide a specialized team to respond to customers' messages and inquiries and focus on the dates of content publication so that the management process is carried out in an orderly manner to follow up on customers constantly and build trust and a strong relationship between brands and customers and this is the goal of our company .

An integrated e-marketing strategy

We provide our clients with a strategy to study and analyze the market accurately through an analysis of competitors to know the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor, and thus the possibility of exploiting the weaknesses and working on them to produce the best we have and thus control the market,

Write Content

Content marketing depends on designing, creating and distributing relevant and creative content to attract the attention of the masses, so the strongest marketing content for products is provided.

Manage Marketing Campaigns

One of the most important services that each project needs is the marketing process through funded ads, through which potential customers or those interested in the service or product you offer are targeted by creating strong, appropriate and influential content that attracts customers and encourages them to request the service or product because we are working to provide all Solutions for our customers in various possible marketing methods,


Google Search Engine Optimization

A company that works to provide one of our strongest services in e-marketing, which is a must for every project or brand in the market, as this service works to improve search engines in Google


Unique designs

We provide our customers with professional designs and the latest in the market, with the application of the concept of branding in every detail for each project until your project is established on a strong and correct basis to maintain


Logo design and professional visual hobby

We offer our clients the most powerful and unique designs by designers with experience in the field of Photoshop, where the logo is designed in colors and a simple idea that works to deliver the service

Web Design

Design websites of all kinds, whether single-page or multi-page, with the possibility of achieving the program and choosing the appropriate design for each project, brand or field of work until a website is produced Visitors

Design of an online store

Design and implement an online store in the strongest programming languages ​​with unlimited spaces to display products in all details with the possibility of choosing a strong and different design that suits every project, brand or field of work while achieving the concept of branding their requests.

Designed by Mobile Application

We provide Mobile App to start projects or develop them to enter the world of social media in the strongest possible way, in addition to relying on the most powerful programming languages ​​in native language for Android in Kotlin language from Google and for IOS system in Swift language from apple, OOP . Approach

Control Systems

We provide the owners of factories, companies and projects with all the necessary systems and programs to reach strong management, as we provide programs